Friday, May 15, 2015

Esri removes the geoprocessing script gallery causing mayhem

Earlier this month I discovered that Esri no longer provides a link to their geoprocessing gallery.  This is disappointing to me since every time they move or discontinue something part of the user base is lost or left confused.  The following tools that I've built are affected by this change:

Topography Toolbox
Polygons to Centerlines
PRISM Data Helper
Pixel Corner Coordinates
Extract Rasters
Add Source and Batch Join Tables
Treeline Migration

Fortunately, I've ported some of the tools over to  The following tools have made the move thus far and I will be moving more soon.

Topography Toolbox
Polygons to Centerline

The following tools have been combined into the Topography Toolbox:

Riparian  Topography Toolbox
PRISM Data Helper

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