Tuesday, October 25, 2016

New tool - Line Intercept Mapping for ArcGIS

I've got a new tool for displaying the results from line intercept mapping in GIS.  You can download that tool HERE .

Line intercept is one of the most common sampling methods of sampling in ecology. Despite its widespread popularity a lack of tools exists for automatically importing and visualizing line interrcept data in a GIS. This tool alleviates this problem making line intercept mapping easier. The tool can be run using any of the three licensed versions of ArcGIS and does not require any extensions. The tool is capable of generating overlapping line segments. The tool does not require linear referencing because transect lines are assumed straight. The tool requires that your data be in two tables: a transect coordinate table and a start-stop table. The transect coordinate table should have four fields: a TransectID, easting (or longitude for the GCS version of the tool), northing (or latitude for the GCS version of the tool), and supposed line length (length of the line as measured in the field). The start-stop table requires four fields: a TransectID, a start distance, a stop distance, and at least one field with a descriptive attribute that you are trying to map.

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