Thursday, April 28, 2016

Improvements to Sampling Grid Tools

A neat thing  happened this week.  A while back I created a new tool called Create Regular Sampling Grid and posted it online HERE . The tool is designed to help guide field workers in systematic grid around user-defined points. The tool is useful for validating coarse-resolution imagery, such as Landsat or MODIS, or for sampling systematically within polygons. Earlier this week I got a message from Duncan Hornby, a long time ArcGIS programmer from the UK, with a slew of awesome suggestions for ways to improve this tool.  His suggestions ended up dramatically improving the speed and user interface of the Create Regular Sampling Grid Tool resulting in version 2.  The lesson that I learned is that good things can happen with a second pair of eyes, and posting code online is a great idea.  I also learned a fair bit about improving the user experience and anticipating and troubleshooting potential problems.  Thanks Duncan.

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  1. Tom,

    Kind words, thanks! Looking forward to your next killer tool!