Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Most popular downloads of 2015

Every year I tally up my papers, talks, posters, etc. for my annual evaluation. Last year I began to start tallying downloads for tools that I post online.  If my estimates are correct, I had 5,695 downloads in 2015 covering covering 26 tools/scripts. The most popular of my tools in 2015 were 1) polygon to centerline, 2) Climatic Water Deficit Toolbox, 3) Topography Toolbox (includes the Riparian Topography Toolbox and PRISM Data Helper), and 4) Landsat Toolbox with 2,034, 629, 629, and 511 downloads respectively. Hopefully, 2016 will provide opportunities for new tools and upgrades to existing ones in order to help solve research problems. All of the tools can be downloaded from HERE.

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